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Ptarmigan News
Ptarmigan Park Picnic - August 17 we need your help!!
Posted on Jun 28th, 2019
Waste Management Recycling Do's and Don'ts
Posted on Mar 5th, 2019

As you already know, the recycling industry is experiencing high levels of contamination – trash in the recycling - at a time when the requirements for quality (clean recycling) have increased significantly.

In 2017, China began to limit the quality and quantity of material it accepts for recycling, impacting the recycling industry world-wide. As a result, our focus on quality is higher than ever, as we work to ensure the long-term sustainability of our recycling programs.


When non-recyclable items (contamination) end up in your recycling, they have the potential to turn the entire load into trash, resulting in contamination or increased costs.


We want to provide you with tools for recycling success and help you recycle the right way, every time. I have attached a Do’s and Don’ts PDF.


Thanks for your partnership in sustainability.



Regatta Plaza Development
Posted on Feb 9th, 2023
If you are interested in following the redevelopment of Regatta Plaza (being renamed The Point at Nine Mile) you can view their Facebook page here.  You do have to have a Facebook account.  If you would like to see updates automatically you can like the Facebook page.
Message from City of Aurora
Posted on Jun 15th, 2018
Scam warning:
Residents have reported receiving phone calls with "city of Aurora" or our main number (303.739.7000)
on caller ID, trying to sell energy-efficiency products or advising them they won a gift card.
You will never receive unsolicited calls from the city trying to sell you something.
PMG Payment Received
Posted on Sep 3rd, 2017
Ptarmigan HOA received payment from the court recovering over fifty percent of the funds misappropriated by former Property Manager.  Remainder will be paid monthly through the court as part of settlement agreement.
Detailed updates have been posted in the documents section. To access, log-in to the website and select Documents and then the Property Manager Update folder.  You will need to have registered and have a user-id and password.
If you are a homeowner and have not registered, select Register at the top right to request a log-in ID.

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Monday, September 16th, 7-9pm at 12650 E. Villanova Dr.
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