Trash / Recycle
As of November 20, 2020
There have been many questions regarding the service from Waste Management.  The Company is now servicing the contract as written.
  All refuse must be inside the 96 gallon containers to be serviced.  Each home is allowed (1) 96 gallon container weekly and every other week will be the Gold container for recycle.  If a homeowner would like to have additional 96 gallon containers they may contract with WM at $5.00 per month for the second, or however many.  Again, ALL ITEMS MUST BE IN THE CONTAINER TO BE SERVICED.  All bulk items can be be serviced for an additional cost, and must be scheduled.
Containers that are not WM will not be serviced. Bags of leaves etc. Must be inside the containers.
We will continue to secure a better solution and will update you as homeowners as soon as we receive further information.
Waste Management
Please click on this link for an important message from WM during the COVID19 pandemic
Material removal, trash and recycle, through Waste Management is covered under your homeowner’s fees.  Our neighborhood pick-up day is Thursday, recycle being every other week.  Check the Calendar for the current schedule.  The approved recycle list can be found here.
The use of rolling trash and recycle bins (toters) is provided as part of the service at no additional charge. 
If you have not already ordered your toters or if you need to replace a damaged one, contact Waste Management customer service at 303-797-1600.
Note: If your toter is lost or stolen, you are responsible for the cost ($80) of replacement, not the HOA.
Aurora Code on Trash Removal
It is the responsibility of the occupant and/or owner to have trash removed weekly, or more often if necessary. Trash service is required with a registered trash hauler. Trash must be in an approved, secure trash container.
Trash containers may be stored in the rear or side yard only, and must be screened from view.
Trash containers may not be placed in the front yard or alley prior to 5:00 p.m. on the day before trash pickup, and must be removed within 12 hours after pickup. Trash bags may not be set out until the day of trash pickup.