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Keep Our Neighborhood Safe!
Posted on Jun 15th, 2018 Comments (0)
Be Aware of your surroundings when outside this Summer
Please look out for our children!
There have been reports of driving too fast, and stray animals, dogs, etc.
Have a safe Summer. If you notice anything that may cause danger,
please do not hesitate to call Animal Control (303.326.8288) or the Aurora Police Department (911).
PMG Payment Received
Posted on Sep 3rd, 2017 Comments (0)
Ptarmigan HOA received payment from the court recovering over fifty percent of the funds misappropriated by former Property Manager.  Remainder will be paid monthly through the court as part of settlement agreement.
Detailed updates have been posted in the documents section. To access, log-in to the website and select Documents and then the Property Manager Update folder.  You will need to have registered and have a user-id and password.
If you are a homeowner and have not registered, select Register at the top right to request a log-in ID.